How to Create a Motivational Speech

Motivational speeches are some of the greatest things a public speaker can do. They usually have the purpose of their name, to motivate people, but can also be inspiring for someone that didn’t think much about the subject of the speech before. There are many great speakers that managed to make history with their speeches. There are also plenty of people that find themselves in the situation in which they have to deliver a motivational speech and many don’t know how to do it. There are tutorials and examples available online and there are entire books written on this subject. But it can all be reduced to some very simple tips that can be followed by anyone. We have listed some top tips on how to create a motivational speech in order to help you motivate the people around you.

Choose Your Subject

First of all, choose a suitable subject for your speech. This is crucial thing for a good motivational speech. Decide on what you want to deliver and then think of a good subject. For example, if you are having a motivational speech in front of students, talk about success or the importance of education. This is just an example, but it is very important to choose a catchy subject for the audience in order to be interesting and inspiring.

Build a Structure

Then, choose the structure of your speech. Decide if you want to be dramatic and have plot twists all over your speech or if you want to be more official and to have a very structured speech. This can be decided based on your own style. It is very important to look natural when you deliver the speech, especially if there are people that know you personally in the audience. If you are a very calm person and you choose to deliver a very dramatic speech, this can go in two ways. You either have success or people will notice that this is not your style and you will look artificial.

Insert some stories from the real life. This is an excellent idea because people tend to identify easier with an idea if they get a real-life story about it. Think it smart and find a suitable story. If you can’t find one in your own life, choose one from another person or even make up one. This way you will spice up the speech and people will feel much more inspired.

A Strong Conclusion

Have conclusions in your speech. Whether you choose to have intermediate conclusions or a big one at the end, do it. This way people will get the big ideas from your speech much easier. And very important, make sure that you are not boring. Try to rehearse your speech with a good friend and see the feed-back you get. This is a very good way to make sure that your speech is good and interesting. Also, make sure that your speech is not too long because people tend to lose their interest very quickly.