Motivational Pod Casts for Your Business

There are several different resources available for business owners including various books, DVDs and online internet resources. In addition, a person can find websites that offer advice and tips. One can also find an assortment of pod casts that businesses can use to increase motivation and to get ideas and tips. Many of these podcasts do, however, require a subscription before you can access them. Once purchased, they are easy to listen to and most are available on YouTube or on iTunes. Pod casts are appealing because a person can listen to them at any time, so it is convenient and does not take time away from work.

Starting a Business

Some of these podcasts come highly recommended for new entrepreneurs who may be feeling overwhelmed. For instance, “StartUp” is a pod cast produced by Alex Blumberg and tells the story of Gimlet Media and the challenges that were involved in establishing the business. The pod cast gives information on what it really involves when starting a business. It is based on an actual business that was started and the difficulties that were encountered in the process. This pod cast has even won awards like the Gerald Loeb Award for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism.

A similar set of pod casts is the “How to start a startup” set. These do not require you to subscribe and they include various lectures and discussions in video format. You are also able to access the transcripts, which is a very useful feature of these pod casts. The advantage too, of course, is that you do not have to pay a subscription since they are free to access.

Interviews of Success

Another great pod cast is “Mixergy” which contains a series of pod casts done by various people who are successful entrepreneurs. They offer valuable advice and tips on how to succeed in the business world. This website also offers various business classes for interested individuals.

HBR Idea Cast” is a series of pod casts in which an editor of the Harvard Business Review interviews some highly accomplished entrepreneurs. The interviews give insight into how these individuals became so successful in their respective areas.

Dose of leadership” is another group of pod casts which are very useful to listen to and contain interviews from business owners. In fact, this series contains over 300 interviews with various experts in business.

“Smart people pod cast” is a series of interviews that were conducted with various people who started businesses. What is inspiring is that many of these individuals moved from totally different fields into the business world. For instance, there is an interview with a former Navy Seal who founded a digital entertainment company.

If your interest is in product development, the “Product People pod cast is a good choice to make. These pod casts discuss what it takes to get a new product into the market place.  For technology and business, it is a good idea to listen to the “a16z pod casts” where there are various discussions on technology trends and the business world.