Top Motivational Speakers around the World

Are you looking to grow a career as an inspirational speaker? Come on board as we take you through the profile of some of the best inspirational speakers in the world. Their story will inspire you to greater heights, and you would learn more from their profiles as a motivational speaker.

A motivational speaker inspires people from their speeches. They hold their audience to a remarkable story about life, experiences about life and how they survive difficult situations in life.

The world has seen a lot of inspirational speakers, but some people stand out from the crowd. These set of people had it tough in life but have not allowed their situations to overshadow their lives. Their story will not only inspire you to live a more fulfilled life but to take your everyday dealings severe and enjoy yourself while you still can breathe in the air.

Les Brown

Les came into this world in abject poverty. He was born with his twin in an abandoned building. Les was frequently given up for adoption. He was adopted by Mamie Brown, a single woman who worked two jobs as a domestic assistant and a cafeteria attendant.

Les suffered a significant sadness when he was declared mentally retarded when he was in grade school. Ordinarily, Les should have dropped out of school. However, with the help of his mother and high school teacher, he was able to overcome this grievous challenge and went on to graduate from high school. Now he has achieved his life potential and now lives his life helping others achieve their aim.

Nick Vujicic

Nick is one person that would motivate you even before he utters a word.  No matter how dejected you are, you will surely be moved by Nick’s story. Few people will be born with no arms and legs but will enjoy their lives. Nick’s condition has never stopped him from enjoying his life. Instead, he has gone on to show the world that he can be happier than most complete people.

When Nick speaks, you will find this sense of humor that is undiluted. He even makes fun of himself and how he finds a lot of things difficult and how he has gone ahead to overcome most of his day-to-day challenges.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

You want to find someone that believes in himself and doesn’t care much about critics? Listen to some of Arnold’s motivational talks. Arnold has inspired a lot of people to believe in themselves and be a better person rather than listening to people’s opinion about their lives. He thinks that with the right self-discipline, determination, and focus, every dream is achievable. Arnold pushes his listeners to follow their heart instead of the trend. He asks them to listen to their soul and work with them self-believe.

Dr. Wayne

Dr. Dyer is another great motivational speaker and published author that has helped a lot of people come out of their difficult situations through his teachings. Wayne has an extensive network of motivational programs, Lecture tours, books and publications, and audiotapes based on his life story.