Top Speaking Events to Attend This Year

There are many events that occur each year in which notable people give speeches. Some of these events would be worth attending if it is in your field of interest. There are so many that it is almost impossible to list them all, here are just a few of the top ones to look out for this year.

Business Events

For people in the business world, there are a few options; for instance, the Annual Small Business Empowerment Conference and then later in the year, The Silicon Valley Real World Startup & Small Business Success Summit. These two events are for people who have or are planning to start a small business. The speakers will provide advice on marketing strategies, business plans, business strategies and capital.

There are various entrepreneur conferences that an aspiring business owner can attend. Next Gen summit is one of these. This event will have speakers who are successful entrepreneurs. Many have successfully established billion-dollar companies and have useful information and words of advice for upcoming business men and women. They will also have speakers who were successful in getting funding from the show “Shark Tank”.

ONTRApalooza is a conference that will be held in October in Santa Barbara, which will have speakers and various workshops held over a three-day period. This conference is not only for beginners but also for those who already have an established business. It is touted as a conference that will teach ways to further market and improve the success of a business.

In fact, a great event to attend if you are interested in marketing, especially in the digital world, is MozCon. This event is held in July in the city of Seattle, Washington. It features workshops and speakers who will speak on issues of social media marketing, SEO and more.

Design and Arts

For people who are interested in the field of design, there is also a great conference with workshops and speakers that you can attend. Converge SE is the conference for this. It will be held in South Carolina, and it will focus on the many aspects of design including the use of design in marketing, and design in businesses.

If you are an aspiring writer or journalist then you should probably go to the Writers Conference, which is held in November this year. This conference will have speakers who are writers and who can provide advice on how to begin writing, and how to go about writing for profit. It is also useful for business writers to attend this conference as they provide information on brand marketing.

Some people are interested in the environment and ways in which we can work to solve environmental challenges that we are facing globally today. The conference to attend to hear people speak about this is the MIT Sustainability Summit. Workshops and speakers will be featured. Such issues as global climate change will be discussed.

These are just a few of the top speaking events that a person can attend this year. There are many more events held every year that you can attend to learn more skills and be more successful in your field. Not only will you learn so much but you will also be able to meet and network with likeminded individuals.